Bryan Hawn | YouTube Star

YouTube Star Bryan Hawn

If you don’t know today’s crush you can send me a thank you note and gifts of gratitude right after you’re done reading this post. Check out fitness model...
Michael Hoffman | YouTube Star

Man Crush of the Day: College Jock Michael Hoffman

While most YouTube “celebs” get on my nerves like a rock in my shoe, I’ve got to say there’s one that I’ve got time for is this year’s breakout...
Alex and Charlie Kotze | Models

Man Crush of the Day: Models Alex and Charlie Kotze

How about two for one? Yes, today I’m serving up some twins as your big crush. Check out South African twin brothers Alex and Charlie Kotze, better known as...
Ben Patrick Johnson | Voice Actor and Activist

Man Crush of the Day: Voice Actor and Activist Ben Patrick Johnson

One of my long-lasting lust-fueled crushes has been on today’s featured, Ben Patrick Johnson. Ben is a network tv and movie voice-over actor, fitness model, novelist and LGBT activist....
Jeff by Eric McKinney

Eye Candy: Jeff by Eric McKinney

Jeff, also known as Brandon from, has popped up in this hot photo shoot from photographer Eric McKinney. Jeff was shot wearing underwear provided by Baskit Wear. See...
Ali Gordon | Model

Man Crush of the Day: Model Ali Gordon

Today's crush is hot fitness model Ali Gordon. He's in his mid-20s and is a  PhD Nutrition brand ambassador and a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast. Ali's also the face of...
Ashely McKenzie | Judo Athlete

Man Crush of the Day: Judo Athlete Ashley McKenzie

English judo athlete Ashley McKenzie is today’s featured crush. This 5’4” tall, 132 lbs was born in 1989 and was one of the breakout hotties of the 2012 Summer...
Rich Froning | Athlete

Man Crush of the Day: Athlete Rich Froning Jr.

He’s been called “one of the fittest men on Earth” and today he can boast of being one of the fittest crushes featured on Man Crush among his achievements....
Steven Raider | Ph: Vagelis Valeodis

Brief Encounters: Steven Raider for Modus Vivendi

Here’s hot Greek model Steven Raider in a photo shoot featuring underwear from Modus Vivendi. Steven can be seen wearing the c-through brief and the denim look jockstrap. Photography...
Bryant Wood | Male Model

Man Crush of the Day: Model Bryant Wood

Today’s crush is athlete and fitness model Bryant Wood. Bryant is an Insane Endustries-sponsored athlete. You can follow Bryant on Twitter @bryantwood_1, Facebook and on Instagram. Check out the...
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