Bobby Bones | Radio Personality

It seems like when it comes to any form of an election, America has to be prepared for a shocker. That came yesterday when America voted for its next Dancing With the Stars winner … and today’s featured crush won the title. I have to confess–I actually think Bobby Bones is quite crush-worthy. He’s a regular next door type but I’ve seen enough of his bare-skin dance routines and moves like his go-to flossin’ that I feel won over. He’s cute, I like his glasses and he’s what the show should be about–someone in the spotlight who isn’t a professional dancer (ahem, Tinashe) learning something new each week and having fun. He made the dances his own and was always positive and even on his radio show, he just seems like a guy who wants to have fun. Hey, if we can propel Ryan Seacrest to stardom I can’t see why Bobby Bones can’t also have his moment in the spotlight! You can follow Bobby on Twitter @mrbobbybones and on Instagram.

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Bobby Bones | Radio Personality

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