Mark Jansen | Big Brother

Well, I’ve been pretty silent on Big Brother this season simply because I simply had zero desire to sit through another season after the past few lackluster outings. I have, however, kept up with the cast and have to admit that in comparison to last season, CBS did at least pack this season with some decent looking men. The best of them was definitely Mark Jansen, whose buff body, big pecs and jock look had heads turning all season until his eviction in this week’s episode. Mark is 26 years old from Gran Island, NY and is a personal trainer. His favorite activities include lifting weights, hiking, watching movies and relaxing on the beach. For “fun facts”, Mark revealed he’s a bodybuilder (duh), a division 1 football player, loves playing chess and has studied abroad. While he’s off the show, we at least have these eye catching pics to remember him by.

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Mark Jansen | Big Brother

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