Kevin Kiley Jr. | Wrestler and Actor

I’m gonna change it up on you guys today. Today’s crush pick is an athlete but not the typical rugby player I usually go for. Today I’m gushing all over former professional wrestler Alex Riley, also known as Kevin Kiley Jr. He’s 6’3” tall, 236 lbs and is best known for his time in the WWE as Alex Riley. Nowadays, he’s going by his regular name, Kevin, and taking on the acting world. He’s starred in Netflix’s GLOW, a show about female wrestlers from the 1980s. That’s how I became aware of him and I must say, looking back at his WWE days I could watch him all day. He’s known for his good looks and nice rear, which got shown off a lot during this WWE days when he dawned the usual skimpy wrestling outfits many of us gays enjoy looking at. You can follow him on Twitter @KileyJrWWE and on Instagram.

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Kevin Kiley Jr. | Wrestler and Actor

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