Aarón Díaz | Actor

This is one of those delayed crushes but I’m finally getting around to talking about my crush (one of many) from season 2 of Quantico–actor Aarón Díaz. Born in Puerto Vallarta in 1982, the very sexy Aarón’s parents were Mexican and American. He spent most of his childhood in San Miguel de Allende and later moved to California to attend high school and pursue modeling. He appeared in the teen telenovela Clase 406 and has taken on roles in other Spanish tv shows. on Quantico he played the sexy Leon Velez who was bumpin’ nasties with Shelby before he got killed or something … I don’t remember what happened exactly because Quantico isn’t a show whose plot you can easily follow. Still, here’s to hoping he takes on another role soon where he gets to be shirtless a lot. You can follow him on Twitter @AaronDiazMX and on Instagram.

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Aarón Díaz | Actor

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