John Brotherton | Actor

I’m going to confess that I enjoy Fuller House and all of its cheesiness. Though I could do without the kid’s plots, DJ’s ongoing struggles to find some D … I mean, a man, keep me binging on the show. I’m thankful for the Full House reboot introducing me to the sexy John Brotherton who plays Dr. Matt Harmon on the Netflix sitcom. In real life, John was born in Ellensburg, WA in 1980. The 6’2” scruffy stud has appeared in the ABC soap One Life to Live. He’s also had roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Fast and the Furious 7. The only complaint I have is that he’s not doing enough shirtless scenes on Fuller House so that needs to be corrected in Season 3 of the show. You can follow him on Twitter @johnbrotherton.

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John Brotherton | Actor

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