Tobias Truvillion | Actor

Ok, I’m gonna probably start something here but … I’m mad at y’all. You guys watch Empire every week and yet one of the show’s hottest men gets no love or attention from you, Internet! I’m putting my foot down as I declare my man crush on actor Tobias Truvillion, the actor who plays D-Major on the hit Fox show. I think his name is D-Major because he probably has a killer peen. I mean, y’all remember that episode of Empire where he and Jamal hooked up and the scene after they did their thing Jamal was in a coma? Yeah, he “overdosed” but not on drugs, on that D. Tobias has been in the acting game for a bit now, starring in the soap One Life to Live from 2006 to 2008, Flesh and Bone, and guest starring roles on two Law & Order shows, Blue Bloods and Person of Interest. Even though he looks like a guy fresh out of his teens, he’s 41! Ya know what they say … Anyways, follow him on Twitter @tobiastruv and on Instagram.

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Tobias Truvillion | Actor

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