Robert Sepulveda Jr. | Model and Reality Star

Ok, so us gays are finally getting our own trashy bachelor-like series to gawk at and be embarrassed by, just like the heteros! The new gay bachelor series, titled Finding Prince Charming, stars the sexy Robert Sepúlveda Jr., who’s made headlines recently for being a male escort in the past. To which I say who cares, he’s hot, let’s get over it and move forward. Look, Robert was chosen for this show because he’s hot and being an escort is just one of the many adjectives and jobs he’s known for. He’s also been a model, he’s an established interior designer and also is a bit of an activist. Robert was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1983 and is 6’2” tall and looks good both clothed and in the buff. For even more pics of him, follow him on Instagram at @rsjdesign. You can catch Finding Prince Charming on Logo and VH1 beginning Sept. 8 at 9/8 central.

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Robert Sepulveda Jr. | Model and Reality Star

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