Man Crush of the Year 2015 | Top 10

The votes are in! After a couple thousand of you made your pick, here are your top 10 man crushes of 2015:

10. Ryker Madison

Ryker Madison

9. Levi Karter [view photos]


8. Boomer Banks [view photos]


7. Kyle Kash [view photos]

Kyle Kash

6. Duncan Black [view photos]


5. Ricky Roman [view photos]


4. Logan Moore [view photos]

Logan Moore | "Awoken," Men At Play

3. Murray Swanby [view photos]

Murray Swanby | Model

2. Tayte Hanson [view photos]

Tayte Hanson | Gay Porn

1. Jake Bass [view photos]

Jake Bass

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  1. Wow, a top 10 list of guys, all of which are openly gay! (y) Most blogs I’ve seen have followers of straight worshipers and so glad that there is this blog which aren’t! Too bad, my favorite Asher Hawke is not in top 30. In this top 10, I’ll give it to Duncan Black as I have a huge crush on him, with Kyle Kash coming in close second.


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