Man Crush of the Year 2015 | 91-100

The votes are in! After a couple thousand of you made your pick, here are your top man crushes of 2015, 91-100:

91. Gus Kenworthy [view photos]

Gus Kenworthy | Freestyle Skier

92. Sean Zevran [view photos]

Sean Zevran

93. Dillon Rossi [view photos]


94. Trenton Ducati [view photos]

Trenton Ducati | Gay Porn

95. Theo Ford [view photos]

Theo Ford | Timoteo

96. Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds

97. Josh Hutcherson [view photos]


98. Jake Jaxson

Jake Jaxson

99. Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter

100. Will Shepherd

Will Shepherd

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