Man Crush of the Year 2014

THIS IS IT! After nearly 3.5k responses from all over the globe, YOU the readers have chosen your top Man Crushes of 2014. With this year’s competition being all write-in, you the fans campaigned hard for your crushes and have made your cases. Now Man Crush Blog presents to you your top 10 Man Crushes of 2014.

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to vote and tweet us and look forward to rolling out a few more voting contests throughout the year leading up to the 2015 Man Crush of the Year competition!

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Here are your top 10 Man Crushes of the Year 2014:

1. Rocco Steele [more photos]

Rocco Steele | Man Crush Blog Interview

2. Duncan Black [more photos]


3. Tayte Hanson [more photos]

Tayte Hanson | Gay Porn

4. Ryker Madison

Ryker Madison

5. Mickey Taylor [more photos]

Mickey Taylor | Man Crush Blog Interview

6. Jake Bass [more photos]


7. Paddy O’Brian [more photos]


8. Ricky Roman [more photos]


9. Brock Avery [more photos]

Brock Avery | Bound Jocks

10. Levi Karter [more photos]


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