THE RESULTS ARE IN! Over the course of December 2014 we asked fans of Man Crush Blog to cast their votes in our annual Man Crush of the Year competition. This year it was a write-in campaign so rather than just reveal the lead crush, we’ve decided to reveal the Top 50 Man Crushes of 2014, as decided by you the readers! We received nearly 3.5k responses from all over the globe.

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Here are your Man Crush of the Year 2014 picks, 20-29:

20. Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor

21. Boomer Banks [more photos]

Boomer Banks

22. Kyle Ross

Kyle Clark

23. Dato Foland [more photos]

Dato Foland | Ph: Serge Lee

24. Colby Melvin [more photos]


25. Christian Wilde [more photos]


26. Justin Matthews [more photos]

Justin Matthews

27. Dan Osborne [more photos]

Dan Osborne | November 2014, Attitude Magazine

28. Matt Bomer [more photos]

Matt Bomer | Ph: Kai Z. Feng, Out Magazine

29. Topher Dimaggio [more photos]


STAY TUNED for the reveal of the rest of the top 50 Man Crushes of 2014.
What do you think so far? Leave a comment below.

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