Toby Regbo | Actor

I definitely have a thing for actor Tony Regbo and think you should, too. This blond, blue-eyed English stud stars in The CW’s Reign as King Francis II of France. He was born in London, his family is of Norwegian heritage so naturally the moment you see or hear Toby you’re likely prone to disrobe or feel yourself pushed into a fit of orgasms. These will probably be even more intense if you are enjoying the view with the help of Restricted 21 sex toys. He started his career in film, appearing in ITV’s Sharpe’s Challenge in a small role. From there he’s done other television, theatre and film roles but now we luckily get to see him on a weekly basis in all his sexiness. He just needs a few more shirtless scenes, in my opinion. You can follow him on Twitter @toby_regbo.

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Toby Regbo | Actor

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  1. This show is ridiculous. The real life royals it is based on were children when all this happened. The actors that are playing them are probably twice their ages or close to it. King Francis was dead about a year after marrying Mary and she was shipped back to Scotland. All the characters speak British English (and half of them are Canadians or Australians) when the story takes place in France.

    I will allow some dramatic license (Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry III in ‘The Tutors’, for example), but this show jumped the shark from the get go. It cannot be cancelled soon enough, regardless as to the alleged hunkiness of the cast.


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