Niko Pepaj | Actor

Ok, yes, last week for my “actor” crush I chose to go on and on about How To Get Away With Murder’s Jack Falahee (check him out here) and this week’s crush comes from the same show and shared a memorable scene with the same actor. Check out Niko Pepaj. Niko played the assistant to the bitchy woman a few episodes ago. His character hooked up with Jack’s character, Connor Walsh, and then tossed himself out a window when he was found out to be a leak in the office. He’s appeared in the tv movie My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3, the tv series Bunheads, Awkard and will appear in the in the movie The 420 Movie: Mary & Jane. Niko is cute, he’s obviously not shy about showing off his lean body and well, I wouldn’t mind having a little copy room tryst with him like Connor did in that episode. Follow Niko on Twitter @NikoPepajLA.

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Niko Pepaj | Actor

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