Jay James Picton | Singer

Have you been watching X Factor this season? Sure, it has some good singers and all but can we talk about the eye candy on display this season? One of my favs has to be Welsh singer Jay James. What makes him hot? Well, first of all he joined the Royal Navy at age 16; he’s a jock and has played rugby, football and cricket. Oh, and he’s a DILF and his performance made Mel B cry and Simon smile and give him a standing ovation. On top of being hot, he has a great voice and has made it to the finals this season. Check out the hot 30-year-old ex-Navy singer totally rip apart and slay Coldplay’s “Fix You” in the clip below. Follow him on Twitter @JayJames and visit his website www.jayjamespicton.com.

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Jay James Picton | Singer

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