Adam Rexx | Man Crush Blog Interview, Part 2

Eccentric, unique and hot as hell–that’s how you can describe Adam Rexx. He was once a Randy Blue model and has always been turning heads with his provocative interviews. Though we’ve hooked up before for an interview back in 2012 [read it here], sometimes you just gotta go at it again when the guy is as hot and interesting as Adam. To continue to celebrate 4 years of The Man Crush Blog, we caught up with Adam to see what’s changed in the 2 years since we last spoke. We think you’ll be thoroughly entertained to find out what this hottie has to reveal.

adam-rexx+interview2+2Man Crush: You came back for more! Let’s ease on into this interview with some random questions to see if you’re ready for me to go Barbara Walters on you. What’s your motto?
Adam Rexx:
I’ve never really been asked that before, but I would have to say, “Fabulous and bored to death.” I suppose this is not actually my motto, more so the current motto inspired by my new faggy life here in Hollywood amongst countless waiters, street hobos, and sassy retail associates, all who want to make it as actors or models. It is very different here in Hollywood compared to the trailer park I moved from back in Orange County. Here in Hollywood, every person is unique. However, some people express their uniqueness in strange ways.

The people of Hollywood are plagued by a terrible epidemic–I call it the Hollywood Termite Infestation. A person who contracts the Hollywood Termite may become so self-important that his or her upper torso eventually starts to fold over and spiral into his or her own asshole. The “I’m amazing” factor is what is so highly contagious; it will either lead innocent bystanders to the first stage of infestation or cause those who try to remain unaffected to lose consciousness by way of self-asphyxiation to prevent the transmission. The Hollywood Termite Infestation is a silent but serious epidemic. Like a drug, the Hollywood Termite is often times mistaken for something fun and glamorous at first, kind of like smoking bath salts. However, the Hollywood Termite infests its host and transforms the host’s personality into a rotten shit-stained ego, eventually leaving the host wondering, “Damn. I’m so amazing and I’ve stopped doing drugs, but why does my life suck so much?” I have lost someone very close to me to this dreadful infestation. One day his asshole just went completely berserk and engulfed his entire body, all because of the Hollywood Termite.

Anyhow, aside from the Hollywood Termite Infestation, I really like living here. There is a lot to see and do here in Hollywood. Strangers smile at me, singers belt out on street corners, and the Power Rangers are still alive and well just a few blocks away from my apartment down Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood has too much to offer; so much that people just keep wanting more and more. At the end of the day everything becomes kind of blah, and all we are is fabulous and bored to death.

Who’s your hero?
Well, since I have started in whatever industry this is, I have received some criticism in regards to my relationship with Jesus Christ. Some people do not realize how cruel and hurtful their words can be. For example, one person emailed me to tell me that he thought I was “filled with Satan.” I just have to say that Satan is really nice guy and his feelings were really hurt by the implications of this person’s email. Nonetheless, I will gladly take this opportunity to clarify these “love-rumors” between Satan and myself. Satan is not “inside” me; he was inside me for a hot minute a long time ago when we messed around in his pool of flames down in the fiery pits of Hell, but he has since pulled out. I never walk around holding hands with Satan all like, “Hi everybody! I would like to introduce you all to my six-foot tall dildo, Satan – he is inside me!” I am not dating Satan – we are just close friends. However, I am happy to talk about a special someone who is inside me, and that special someone is Jesus Christ.

I will admit that what I used to think of as a toss-up between Jesus Christ and my BFF, Satan, I can now proclaim with absolute certainty: my hero will always and forever be my Boyfriend, Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus and I have had such an amazing open relationship over the last several years. I have never felt closer to him than I do now. Despite Jesus and I being in a long distance open relationship, it has never kept us apart.

Outside of my relationship with Jesus, dating has just been a little weird for me and I’m not sure why. I used to think that guys who were insecure and not as attractive would be more charming and warmhearted than pretty boys in a relationship given the rejection they may have faced for not fitting the ideals set by the gay community. However, the truth is that a guy’s heart is not always as pretty as his face, and even an ugly face may very well come with a much uglier heart. I have opened my heart to a cockroach and still got dumped. It feels like some guys just expect me to be this hypersexual whore since I am an exhibitionist, so they treat me as such. I am not a whore though, I am a good decent Christian and everything I do is for my Boyfriend, Jesus Christ.

Adam Rexx | Man Crush Blog Interview, Part 2What would you title your autobiography?
Pale Caucasian Dot; a Significant Insignificance. This is what I am: a dot surrounded by other dots on a dot surrounded by other dots within the vast unknown. I do not know anyone who can face this reality and not struggle every so often to find validity in their existence. Why are we here, and does it matter that we are here? Sometimes I feel oppressed by unrealistic ideals that leave me feeling inadequate. I have walked through the Beverly Center in West Hollywood, and the most prominent message I get is, “I am not good enough unless I spend my money to prove that I am.” It is not a message that I tell myself or believe. I think the message is a dishonest marketing tactic used by some businesses as a ploy to get people to over-consume. People have an insatiable hunger for monetary gain, making the dollar sign the heart of the America’s drama. Rich people have pissing contests to show how much money they can burn while gay teenagers struggle to survive after their parents have kicked them to the curb.

I do not care about not winning the lottery, or not having a mansion in the hills, or not being like Justin Bieber. I do not want a bunch of things that I simply do not need. I don’t want to catch the Hollywood Termite and stray from humility! I will never be another rich and pretentious chocolate-eating zombie in Abercrombie & Fitch underwear slobbering all over people who live in poverty. I would happily live in a Winnebago with my guitar and keyboard for the rest of my life.

Since the blog just celebrated four years of crushin’ hard on the hot men of the world, say you have the chance to go on a date with any man your little heart desired. Who’d you choose?
Based on looks alone, I would say Matthew Camp. I have not met him though, so I do not know what he is like in person. Presumably he is pretty awesome. I think I have weird taste in other guys when it comes to personality though. I tend to attract dark souls. I fantasize about falling in love with a monster who will use the love he and I share as a remedy to fight his demons. I suppose I have just not met the right monster yet.

Your Tumblr has more than a few examples of how photogenic you are. What are your tips for taking the best selfie?
Photogenic? I definitely do not always feel very photogenic, but that is very nice of you to say. For me it’s all about editing and trying new things. With other guys I find there are a lot of things that can make a selfie look super awkward. For example, when a guy sticks his tongue out in every single selfie all like, “Look at me and my tongue, which by the way does not fit in my mouth – hint-hint.” It may be trending or just overdone, but the “I am really sad and in pain” face is a super weird expression to convey in a selfie. These guys are not all that sad and probably not really in pain if they are taking the selfie. Teasing is cute, but hiding your face – not so much. Lower the toilet seat lid if you are taking a selfie in the bathroom. Lastly, do not take selfies angled down or airbrush your face to look like an anime character. Let anime be anime, and you be you. Maybe I’ll be in anime hentai videos one day? These people need help, which is why I am thankful for gAySPCA.

It’s been a little over two years since our last interview. You’ve made it pretty clear that you don’t see your work as porn, yet you mostly pose nude. So what’s your current take on nudity, and art versus porn?
I never did porn–porn did me. I am just guilty by association. Like some of the guys I have dated, the porn industry slowly penetrated me for but simultaneously lost interest. The feeling was mutual because I lost interest as well. I don’t know what other people think of my work as a whole. I don’t even know if my work is as appealing as any other model’s work out there. However, what I do know is that what I create has substance, whether it is through my drawings, modeling, or music. With my modeling I think that is exactly the blurred line that separates art from porn. Art is like drinking a fine wine; it is intimate and allows us to momentarily escape the elemental course of thought. Porn is like smoking a cigarette; it is basic and does the trick. It is diamonds to asphalt, or Bach to Bieber. I am an artist. Most of the people with whom I work with are artists. I can be completely nude and even sexual in a photo, but that does not make it porn.

Adam Rexx | Man Crush Blog Interview, Part 2

I’ve met a lot of models who have encountered issues with sexually charged shots of themselves–even just shirtless–leading to complications in the work place. Have you encountered any issues with your modeling affecting your work life?
Well, Barbara, let me put it this way: working in the porn industry while working a corporate job is like pissing in a urinal. No matter which way you hold your dick while pissing there is without a doubt going to be splash back. So to answer your question, yes, I have had some corporate piss splash back in my face and mouth as a result of having some racy photos out there. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss any further–sorry.

A while back on Twitter you tweeted, “Fake is the new real.” What do you mean by that?
It means I can tell a lie to myself and want to believe it so badly that it becomes my reality. It is not a bad thing, more so a salute to people who fabricate their reality as a form of art to cope with the harsh reality of life. At the center of Earth there is a beating heart, but all that is visible to us is a planet with a bad face-lift. It’s painful to see. Sometimes I have to tell myself a beautiful lie just to get through the day; otherwise, I feel like damaged goods. There are a lot of other guys out there whole feel this way. I am not going to change the world, and I would be lucky to someday look back at my life and say at least I touched another soul. However, lies can be like fairy tales; they too can help people escape their hurt, even if only for a moment.

Adam Rexx | Man Crush Blog Interview, Part 2What’s next for Adam Rexx? What can we expect to see from you in the near future?
I feel like Adam Rexx is just a baby toe when it comes to my body of work, even though I have not really exploited my hidden talents yet. I have been repurposing my Tumblr to showcase mostly my own work, which will include my drawings and music via SoundCloud. It is still in the works though. Art and music are like antidepressants to me. I can’t live without them.

I will of course continue to share my modeling work, but I will no longer post the work of other models. I have stopped creating weekly thematic porn series, and instead I am allowing myself more time to focus on the things that matter. I would also like to mention that I have successfully made it through the last few months without being nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which is great because quite frankly I was more concerned about the California drought.

You get the final words. What parting message or thought would you like to leave with your audience?
I would like to leave everybody with a sick and twisted tale called, The Frog, the Foil, and the Lie that Spoiled.

This is a story about a frog named Froggy. Froggy was no ordinary frog – he was an extraordinary frog! Froggy ruled a magical forest town where the ponds flowed with ice cream and sprinkles rained down. This was the magical town of Frogville, of course! The frogs and other creatures of Frogville loved Froggy, but one creature did not. It was the Black Bumblebee of Death who thought Froggy was a total pretentious ass-clown who complained a lot.

Froggy paid no mind to the Black Bumblebee of Death, because he was happy in his castle nestled high above the rest. Until one day, Froggy went hopping along humming a chorus when he discovered a very special surprise near the lake in the forest. “Oh, what a special surprise I ever did see with my two Froggy eyes!” Froggy exclaimed. “So green and so shiny, yet dainty and tiny!” Perhaps it was a gay lover Froggy thought he had found. “I shall make you my queen, but I shall wear your crown!” Froggy selfishly exclaimed. So Froggy took the gay lover surprise back to his magical castle, where he would keep it all for himself like a fat greedy asshole.

Adam Rexx | Man Crush Blog Interview, Part 2As the days turned to nights and the weeks flew by, Froggy grew ever so fondly of the gay lover surprise. Until another day, the Black Bumblebee of Death got word and flew to Froggy’s castle to verify what he had heard. When the Black Bumblebee of Death arrived, he inspected Froggy’s gay lover surprise. “Why, a gay lover is not your surprise you stupid fool! It’s just a wrinkled ball of aluminum foil used for food!” the Black Bumblebee of Death exclaimed, “This tiny piece of aluminum foil simply unburied itself from beneath the soil!” So the Black Bumblebee of Death unwrinkled the aluminum foil, which revealed a most hideous face covered in boils. It surely was not a gay lover surprise Froggy had found, just a piece of aluminum foil mirroring what was around. “How could this be? This can’t possibly be me! All the frogs love me because I am amazing and pretty!” Froggy shouted in anguish. “You have never been pretty, but ignorance is bliss. You never take care of yourself, and you’re a fat lazy bitch!” said the Black Bumblebee of Death to Froggy. So Froggy quickly hopped to his closet made out of twigs, and dug violently through the clothes he had bought at Abercrombie & Fitch. “This will make me look hot,” or so Froggy thought, “and all of Frogville will love me again – they will love me a lot!”

The Black Bumblebee of Death laughed at Froggy as he flipped and he flopped, while licking his face, which was covered in snot. Froggy’s fondness quickly turned to madness as he screamed at the aluminum foil for causing him sadness. “This is all your fucking fault, for you have brought my fantasy to a screeching halt!” Froggy shouted at the tiny piece of aluminum foil and pointed his finger, but the aluminum foil did not respond, it just sat there and lingered. So Froggy dragged the tiny piece of aluminum foil to the microwave, where his next act would be much more unimaginably depraved.

The gay lover surprise Froggy once loved was only aluminum foil and would soon just be dust. Froggy threw the tiny piece of aluminum foil to the center of the spinning plate, where it would be beamed with radiation and slowly disintegrate. Froggy fumbled his slimy fingers pressing multiple numbers, and the microwave powered on as he gazed and then wondered. “What have I done?” Froggy asked himself in terror. “This is not the fault of the aluminum foil! This was only a lie I believed that the truth has now spoiled.” Froggy fumbled his icky little fingers to make it all stop, but all of the sudden he heard a loud pop. Froggy rushed into the microwave hoping to spare further damage, but it was far too late for the aluminum foil had vanished. Tears and snot streamed down Froggy’s face as he whimpered and wailed, for he had lost the aluminum foil forever and utterly failed. Froggy asked in despair, “Oh dear Black Bumblebee of Death, why have you never been a friend of mine?” The Black Bumblebee of Death replied, “Because you were never amazing, you’ve been an asshole this entire time.”

Froggy continued to sob for a little while longer, for he knew he had done wrong – he was an evil monster. The aluminum foil had gone up to heaven, as Froggy wept in his A+F denim. As the night turned to day, Froggy laid in disarray. His lover was gone and his dream had been shattered, but Froggy would soon move on and live ignorantly ever after.

The end.

So what’s the moral of the story?
Life is like a box of aluminum foil – don’t microwave it.

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