Mario Lopez | Television Personality

If you tuned into Lifetime’s Saved By the Bell movie yesterday then you’re probably feeling a little nostalgic like me. If you’re like me and grew up watching the show, you probably felt as torn as Kelly Kapowski’s jeans over who you had the bigger crush on-Mark-Paul Gosseleaar’s Zach Morris or Mario Lopez’s A.C. Slater. Since I’ve already crushed on Mark-Paul on this blog, it’s time we talk about Mario Lopez. This is a guy that’s definitely gotten better looking with age. In addition to re-inventing himself as a tv host, he’s also become quite the fitness buff. Have you seen this guy stripped down to his undies? Do you remember his epic bare-butt shower scene in Nip/Tuck? Mario looks pretty damn hot at 40 and has the body of a nubile 20 year old. You can follow him on Twitter @MarioLopezExtra.

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Mario Lopez | Television Personality

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