Devin Shepherd | Big Brother

Have you been as obsessed with this season of Big Brother as I’ve been? Perhaps it’s because someone in the casting department at CBS realized casting a bunch of hot guys would rake in the ratings that sets this season apart from the rest. Now, today’s crush was one of the first to get evicted from the house during this 16th season but it doesn’t mean I can’t still crush hard on him. I know the jury’s split on Devin Shepherd in terms of his personality and game plan but as he’d say, “Duuuude, let’s not get it misconstrued!” Devin’s flippin’ hot! The muscles, the abs, that smile … did I mention the abs and muscles? He’s 26 years old from Santa Barbara, California though he’s currently residing in San Antonio, Texas. He describes himself as “complex, loyal and entertaining” which based on his Big Brother experience is rather … amusing within itself. With his amazing body it comes as no surprise that he counts the gym and beach as two of his favorite places to spend time. Devin was a pro baseball player, playing for the St. Louis Cardinals before leaving the sport to take care of his 20-year-old daughter [Source]. You can follow him on Twitter @DevinShepBB16.

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Devin Shepherd | Big Brother

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