Aaron Schock |United States Representative

Today’s crush may take some by surprise, and it’s no political statement, but it’s Aaron Schock. He’s made headlines over the years not so much for his policies or work but mostly because of his sexuality. I have to say, I don’t at all think Aaron Schock is gay! Sure, his last name rhymes with a part of the male anatomy, and sure, he obviously spends a lot of time working out and what gay guy likes to snap shots of himself shirtless and showing off his abs whilst surfing? Hm, wait … nevermind! Schock has spent a great deal of time working on his conservative record and making sure to come down hard on his anti-gay stance but there’s one thing we all have to sit down and admit to ourselveshe’s hot. Like, not even cute or good looking, like … he’s hot. Like, on that Brad Pitt (pre-Jolie) and Zac Efron level of hot. He was born in 1981 in Morris, Minnesota. He’s the is the United States Representative for Illinois’s 18th congressional district, an office he’s held since 2009. He’s currently the second youngest U.S. representative (and the hottest by far). You can keep up with the hot congressman by visiting his website schock.house.gov or by following on Twitter @repaaronschock.

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Aaron Schock |United States Representative


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  1. Seriously? “it’s no political statement”? This is pathetic.
    MILLIONS of hot guys in this world, and you feature this self-hating closeted homophobe as a ManCrush? And during PRIDE MONTH, no less.



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