Jared Allman | ActorA few weeks ago I made it known that I had a bit of a crush on actor Jared Allman (if you missed his featured post full of hot pics, click here). Imagine my thrill over having the chance to interview him! We chatted about some of his acting roles, the existence of the famous casting couch, his glorious body hair and tons more.
Ice Breakers
Man Crush: Ok, let’s get warmed up with some rapid-fire random-ass questions! Does the casting couch really exist?

Jared Allman: [laughs] In my young career thus far I have yet to see any trace of this fabled couch. Maybe it only exists for those big hollywood blockbusters.

Man Crush: What’s the oddest piece of fan mail you’ve received or the strangest interaction with a fan you’ve had so far?

Jared Allman: Hmmm, tough one. Well, as Ive aged and matured over the years, I have definitely mellowed way way out. Nothing really gets to me anymore. I am very laid back and usually see beauty in most things, so I always appreciate all fan interaction and interest. I like to answer all questions and love to hear feedback about anything and everything. I don’t ask anything if I cant handle a honest answer whether it be positive feedback or negative.

One night at an after party for an event I attended me and a few of the other guests from the event were standing and talking to one another, and gentleman come up to me and asked if I was Jared Allman and I said, “I am.” I stuck my hand out to say hello and asked, “Whats your name?” He stepped back and said I looked tired and horrible in person and that I looked so much better on TV.  I was kind of caught off guard. I asked him if everything was ok and could I buy him a drink.. Maybe I did look tired, it had been a long day.  He just looked down and walked away. I am not sure what that was about.
Man Crush: Ok, picture it–you’re the leading man in a big-budget Hollywood film. The studio and director are letting you call the shots. Who do you cast as your leading man?
Jared Allman: Ryan Gosling. THE END.
Man Crush: Which presents the biggest challenge to you–being Southern, Mormon or being gay?
Jared Allman: The biggest challenge for me has been to try to be all of those at once. Let me tell you–it’s impossible. But I would like to think that I took the best from those very different worlds and rolled them somehow into the nearly 6 feet tall package that is me.

Man Crush:
 A very sexy 6-feet tall package! What question do you get asked all the time that you’d rather not be asked anymore? And yes, the irony of asking you to answer it now has not escaped me!

Jared Allman: Hmmm. Top or bottom? [laughs] Joking. In my old age I am very patient and rarely get annoyed with any questions from fans or the media. It’s usually their first time asking the question and I am usually very glad that they said hi and took the time to get to know me better.  People matter to me.  If I can’t brighten someone’s day or make someone smile or laugh then I can’t celebrate that day.

Jared Allman | Actor

Man Crush: Many may remember you from the series Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys. You’ll also be in More Scenes from a Gay Marriage. So what I find interesting is that unlike many, you’ve not shied away from your sexuality in your career. Has being out and gay helped your career or do you think it’s limiting in some way?

Jared Allman: That is a tough one. That’s a question I have pondered many late, sleepless nights. I think every man’s journey is different and unique. What works for you may never work for me . I just try to do my best and give 110% to every project I am a part of whether it is a gay, straight, indie or mainstream. I love the art of film making in its entirety. I guess time will tell …

Man Crush: We’ve seen a lot of actors and celebrity types come out recently. What do you think is causing people to come out? Is it an improved environment and better understanding of non-heterosexuals or is it something else?

Jared Allman: Well, I think it is the combination of many things. 17 states have legalized gay marriage. We have a president for the first time in United States history that has spoken out in favor or marriage equality, and because of that the social climate as a nation has and is much more accepting. The cloud of fear is being lifted more and more.

Man Crush: What role or acting part have you had thus far that’s had the most impact on you?

Jared Allman: Each one affects me differently and brings a life lesson, usually. But Id say Scenes from a Gay Marriage. It was my first feature film role and it was a lead role. I was very nervous and unsure of myself and the process. I learned so much from the experience and I think about it often.

Man Crush: Your ModelMayhem profile reveals that you’re working on your memoir, Kinda Good At Everything: Growing up Southern, Mormon and Gay. In terms of your career and your religion, have either of the two clashed and caused you some sort of conflict?
Jared Allman: Clashed? [laughs] More like collided and then exploded! It’s been an adventure, and the twists and turns are never when you expect them to be.
Man Crush: What’s your dream role?

Jared Allman: One of my dream roles would def be me getting to work with writer/director Del Shores  of Sordid Lives in some aspect. That movie got me through life! [laughs] Very much like Tammy Wynette did for brother boy.

Jared Allman | Actor

The Body
Man Crush: So, let’s talk about this body of yours. You are a hairy sexy beast! So many other guys shave, pluck and laser off their hair but from some of the photos of you online you seem to be a fan of hair. What’s your official stance on body hair and manscaping?

Jared Allman: Well… I have just in the last year or so accepted it or, well, more like given up on my manscaping endeavors . I used to think body hair on me made me feel dirty and I hated it. But for the first time in my life I am finally comfortable in my skin, and that is what it is all about. I think that is one of the toughest lessons in life. So my official stance on body hair is beauty is beauty. Hair or not!

Man Crush: As an actor and a gay man, keeping in shape isn’t as much of a choice as it is a requirement. So what do you do to maintain your physique?

Jared Allman: For me it is all diet or at least 95% diet. I’ve got to really work and be diligent and consistent to keep the level of fitness that I desire. I can go home to east Tennessee for the holidays and gain ten pounds in a day if I don’t diet and keep track of my calories. I love cookies, cakes, pies, candy, chips and bacon so I have to be very mindful of my diet and count and log my calories daily. It has kind of taken me years of trial and error and yo-yoing back and forth to finally get it right.

Man Crush: What’s your least favorite exercise or workout and how do you motivate yourself to get through it?
Jared Allman: I really hate working legs. I just have to focus and keep my eye on the prize and remind myself hard work does pay off.

Man Crush: As an actor I’m sure you’ve gotten your share of fitness or nutrition advice. So what’s the best advice you’ve been given that really does work or lead to noticeable benefits?

Jared Allman: Make goals and set high goals.  Work out with a friend or significant other. All it takes sometimes is that little bit of accountability.

Man Crush: What song really gets you pumped up and motivated in the gym?
Jared Allman: Currently it’s “Anything” by an artist named Hedley.
Jared Allman | ActorPersonal
Man Crush: What drives and motivates you?
Jared Allman: Big dreams and hard work. I’ve been up and I’ve been down. I’ve learned hard lessons.
Man Crush: How would you describe your ideal romantic partner?
Jared Allman: Cute. Smart. Fit. And most of all sweet.
Man Crush: What’s an obstacle that you’ve faced that’s really challenged you? How has moving past it made you better?
Jared Allman: Failing has been tough on me. In any regard. Failed jobs, failed relationships. Learning to roll with the punches, and get better and challenge yourself to want more.
Man Crush: You get the final word! What parting thought or message would you like to leave with the Man Crush readers and your adoring fanbase?
Jared Allman: Just to dream big and never stop. Try not to let people discourage you or tell you “you can’t” or “you won’t”  no matter how close to you they are, including family and friends. If I gave up every time I heard those words I wouldn’t ever have got to live my dreams. It doesn’t matter if you were born in a trailer park or a mansion–if you want it, you can get it. I am living my dream.
You can follow Jared on Twitter @jaredallman, on Instagram @jaredallman, on Facebook, and on Tumblr jaredallman.tumblr.com.
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