After two rounds of voting and over 9,300 votes it’s come down to this–the final round of Man Crush of the Year 2013. You the readers helped choose two men for the final round, models Jaxon Quinn and Cory Lee. Now you get ONE final vote and the chance to choose who will ultimately be crowned the overall Man Crush of the Year for 2013. Cast your vote and leave a little comment on why your choice deserves to be everyone’s ultimate crush. Voting ends Monday, December 23, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST. 


Cory Lee | Man Crush of the Year Finalist

1. Cory Lee (Model) [click here for more photos and interview]

Cory Lee | Man Crush of the Year Finalist

2. Quinn Jaxon (Model) [click here for more photos and interview]

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  1. Voting is no supect activity as far as I know so I do not understand why you just blocked me for “anormal” acitivity. If I deciced to vote for my crush, I feel I may do it as many times as I like and to not have to be blocked by you since I find such kind of practice totally unfair.

    Jacques Stoffels, Belgium


  2. This is one of the hardest decisions I have made in a while. I adore them both but I am truely a die-hard fan of Quinn. Sorry Cory. 🙁

  3. Cory is the best! He’s blonde and gorgeous! Chiseled features… Quinn is adorable and sexy, but Cory is the only one that would get booked on a New York runway.

  4. If it’s a vote for the *Man* Crush of the Year, I can only see one *Man* here: Quinn! No other vote possible for me……

  5. Quinn all the way. Anyone who can go from classical ballet to go go dancing and do it all well has my vote. And besides, seeing him naked is enough to send me into a total arousal state.

  6. Gotta love me some Quinn! Better looking all the time, but I liked him even when he was a scarwny little nerd boy 😉
    <3 Ya babe!

  7. The system seems not to work correctly. It registers votes for Cory and not the one for Quinn C. Jaxon. This I remarked already several times. This is far from fair and is not correct at all. Seems that it wants that Cory wins and not Quinn ????????????

    Jacques Stoffels


    • It was obvious for several days that the votes for Cory were rigged. Each time you refreshed the page the votes for Cory would increase by exactly 3. Someone had set up an IP spoof and “redialer” to continuously post votes for him. The blog owners don’t seem to care.

  8. I use to be all about Quinn, until I found out he is straight acting gay. Quinn is hot for sure and has a nice… but I don’t like him all over the gay mags and in our bars.. For me it is Cory all the way. Good Luck Cory.

  9. In all reality Quinn really won hands down, he didn’t have to resort to cheating tactics. So Quinn let me just say congratulations!!! Well done… ~_~

    • I agree with victor- Quinn really won even with cheating. It was fairly obvious with 3 votes at a time every single time.

  10. such a shame that they felt so threatened by Quinn that they had to cheat, as for those who suddenly changed their mind because of his orientation, I don’t remember ONCE seeing that the contest was restricted to gay only, as for the “all over gay mags and in our bars” well, excuse me but, how many gay men have crushes on straight role models of any kind? Is a straight guy so threatening if he is able to be himself in a gay bar?

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