Over 600 of you horny, dedicated man crushers voted in Round 1 of Man Crush of the Year 2013 and now as that round nears its end, it’s time to kick off Round 2 to choose who’ll go up against the likely winner of Round 1, Cory Lee. You have 5 men to choose from, all of whom have racked up the most views over the course of 2013 on the blog and drummed up the most chatter across the Man Crush Blog‘s social media channels. Included in Round 2 is hot ginger model Seth Fornea, Andrew Christian’s Quinn Jaxon, hot blond newcomer Serge Henir, endowed porn model Luke Milan and porn model turned actor James Deen. Voting for Round 2 goes on from December 8 through December 15. You get ONE vote per round. The winner from this round will face off with the winner of Round 1 for the ultimate title of your Man Crush of the Year 2013. The winner will also get a banner on the blog linking to his of her webpage, Facebook fan page or social media page of his choosing.


Seth Fornea | Man Crush of the Year 2013 Nominee

1. Seth Fornea (Model) [click here for more photos]

Quinn Jaxon | Man Crush of the Year 2013 Nominee

2. Quinn Jaxon (Model) [click here for more photos]

Serge Henir | Man Crush of the Year 2013 Nominee

3. Serge Henir (Model) [click here for more photos]

Luke Milan | Man Crush of the Year 2013 Nominee

4. Luke Milan (Porn Model) [click here for more photos]

James Deen | Man Crush of the Year 2013 Nominee

5. James Dean (Porn Model, Actor) [click here for more photos]

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