Press release from 2(X)IST:

You’re on the air with 2(X)IST SLIQ MESH Underwear, a collection of four amazing fits—all engineered in perforated (X)-Pel Wicking Mesh—that broadcast sheer confidence. SLIQ MESH marks the return of four daring silhouettes, including the ultra-low rising Sliq BriefSliq Trunk, and Sliq Jock Strap, and the ready-for-action Racerback Tank. Each streamlined option features an aerodynamic, contoured shape for maximum comfort and movement. All this, plus your choice of bold colors like White, Black, Navy, Fiery Red, Orangeade, and Royal Purple.

2(X)IST SLIQ MESH Underwear launches with four distinct offerings: The Sliq Brief, Sliq Trunk, Sliq Jock Strap, and the Racerback Tank.  Each is constructed in (X)-Pel Wicking Mesh, which is perforated for breathability but also enhanced to drive out moisture. Additionally, signature design elements are included in each dedicated fit, including a boosting (X)-treme Contoured Pouch in each Brief, Trunk, and Jock.

2(X)IST SLIQ MESH Sliq Brief

2(X)IST | Sliq Mesh Brief


The wicking-enabled SLIQ MESH Sliq Brief is most streamlined of all current 2(X)IST Briefs. Starting with an ultra-low Sliq Rise (with a waistband sitting well below the hips), this Brief’s leg openings arch high in the front while still providing full coverage on the backside. Coordinated taping along the legholes keeps everything in place without constricting, and an (X)-treme Contoured Pouch provides more support and added boost.

2(X)IST SLIQ MESH Sliq Trunk

2(X)IST | Sliq Mesh Trunk

With square-cut legs and an ultra-low Sliq Rise, the wicking SLIQ MESH Sliq Trunk provides a bit more coverage but the benefit of mobility. Cut trim to the body, this Trunk moves with the wearer, as a fitted waistband and coordinated elastics around the upper leg help keep the garment in place, and an (X)-treme Contoured Pouch bolsters and enhances.

2(X)IST SLIQ MESH Sliq Jock Strap

2(X)IST | Sliq Jockstrap

The SLIQ MESH Sliq Jock Strap, engineered in perforated, wicking mesh, features a boosting(X)-treme Contoured Pouch on front and at the side, a unique Y-shaped base with straps that extend around the backside for ultimate support.

2(X)IST SLIQ MESH Racerback Tank

2(X)IST | Sliq Tank

The trim, streamlined SLIQ MESH Racerback Tank is engineered with a narrowed shape at the shoulder blades and a generally body-confident fit throughout, all in perforated wicking mesh construction.

The 2(X)IST SLIQ MESH Underwear Collection is available now in your choice of six colors*: White, Black, Navy, Fiery Red, Orangeade, and Royal Purple. Find 2(X)IST SLIQ MESH at Partner Retailers and 2XIST.COM.

*SLIQ MESH Sliq Brief, Sliq Trunk, and Sliq Jock Strap available in all colors. Racerback Tank available in White and Black only.

You can purchase these items by visiting 2(X)IST online, follow them on Twitter @official2xist or find them on Facebook.


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