A few weeks ago I realized that after three years of running this blog that it’s very likely that many of you may have missed out on some of the hot crushes from the early days of the blog! So, in an effort of not letting any hot crush go by forgotten or un-loved, here are 10 more male model crushes from the past that you may have forgotten all about.

Rael Lazzini | Male Model

1. Rafael Lazzini (April 23, 2012). More Photos Here

Cory Bond | Male Model

2. Cory Bond (April 9, 2012). More Photos Here

Erasmo Viana | Male Model

3. Erasmo Viana (April 2, 2012). More Photos Here

Domenique Melchior | Male Model

4. Domenique Melchior (March 19, 2012). More Photos Here

Bryan Sheaffer | Male Model | Rick Day | DNA Magazine

5. Bryan Sheaffer (March 19, 2012). More Photos Here

Andrew Stetson | Male Model

6. Andrew Stetson (March 5, 2012). More Photos Here

Jeff Kasser | Male Model

7. Jeff Kasser (January 30, 2012). More Photos Here

Nick Baggetta | Male Model

8. Nick Baggetta (December 16, 2011). More Photos Here

  Will Chalker

9. Will Chalker (September 26, 2011). More Photos Here

Duncan MacRae.

10. Duncan MacRae (September 19, 2011). More Photos Here

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