One of the qualities that I like, and that eventually leads to many men becoming one of my crushes, is scruff. Now, scruff comes in many different varieties. You have your 5 o’clock shadows, your stubble to your full on beards. Whatever it is, scruff can make a guy seem even more manly and can get your hormones all in a tizzy with just the thought of it rubbing up against your skin. Here are ten studs who’ve sported some scruff that have been featured on this blog over the past three years.

Antonio Catalani | Male Model

1. Antonio Catalani (January 6, 2013). More Photos Here

Sidney Allan | Ph: Sergio Santoian

2. Sidney Allan January 24, 2013). More Photos Here

Mixalis Kampourakis | Male Model

3. Mixalis Kampouraskis (February 13, 2013). More Photos Here


4. Sebastian Lund (March 4, 2013). More Photos Here

Tom Ford | Designer

5. Tom Ford (March 25, 2011). More Photos Here

Trent Locke | Gay Porn

6. Trent Locke (October 12, 2011). More Photos Here

Luke Macfarlane | Actor

7. Luke MacFarlane (December 11, 2012). More Photos Here

Gilles Chevalier | Ph: Brice Hardelin

8. Gilles Chevalier (November 19, 2012). More Photos Here

Juan Mata | Footballer

9. Juan Mata (March 21, 2013). More Photos Here

Eion Bailey | Once Upon A Time

10. Eion Bailey (November 13, 2012). More Photos Here

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