So, three years ago today I was sitting around doing what I do now, watching the telly and making crude remarks to it and I had this random little idea–I was going to blog about this hot guy I was watching on television! Simple idea really that’s become a bit of an obsession of mine and you readers of this blog. The first Man Crush of the Day began a simple post about how I was crushin’ hard on ABC News’ Matt Gutman (check it out here) and has become a daily, somewhat shameless and lustful, account of all the men that make my engine purr. So three years later and many … many, many, many men later, I thought a nice way to mark the occasion was to do a countdown of the most-viewed crushes over the past three years! They are …

Cameron Foster

10. Cameron Foster (May 18, 2011). More Photos

Stefan Gatt

9. Stefan Gatt (August 8, 2011). More Photos

Tommy Defendi


8. Tommy Defendi (June 1, 2011). More Photos

Harry Louis


7. Harry Louis (June 8, 2011). More Photos

Mary Dylan


6. Marcy Dylan (November 11, 2012). More Photos

Eliad Cohen

5. Eliad Cohen (August 1, 2011). More Photos


4. David Williams (July 14, 2011). More Photos

Avi Dar

3. Avi Dar (November 25, 2011). More Photos

Bo Dean

2. Bo Dean (July 27, 2011). More Photos

Benjamin Godfre

1. Benjamin Godfre (Nov 28, 2011). More Photos

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  1. Used to be a fan of Benjamin Godfre but he’s lost all his sex appeal with too many tattoos. Also used to be a fan of Harry Louis until I found out what a hypocrite he was.

    Cameron Foster is a real beauty.


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