This summer, expect to crush hard on actor James Badge Dale because this hot guy is set to appear in a couple big movies including The Lone Ranger where he’ll be playing Dan Reid and World War Z alongside Brad Pitt. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot about James in the coming weeks because he’s one of the stars of Iron Man 3. James plays Savin, aka ColdBlood in the film and though he’s a bad guy he really does make you cheer him on. A nice build, piercing gaze, James actually kinda looks better bald than he does with hair. Before his Iron Man gig James appeared in the films Lord of the Flies, Shame and Flight. He’s also appeared in television shows The Black Donnellys, Rubicon, 24 and Rescue Me. The gallery includes photos by Billy KiddJason Goodrich and Chris Shonting. You can read a short interview with him on Detailswebsite.

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James Badge Dale | Actor

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  1. I have to disagree with you. He looks much better with hair. He’s still striking when bold, but better with a full head of hair.


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