Last year model Justin Coale was featured on the blog and created quite a stir (see the original post here). Now he’s back but this time instead of baring skin he’s baring all in the form of an exclusive interview. We talk about everything from what motivates him in the gym to what inspires him in his career. Photos are by Rick Day, Y.M.I.J., Brent Chua and Sean Gomes.

Justin Coale | Male ModelMan Crush: As with any interview, I like to fire off a few random questions to get you warmed up for the rest of your interview. At first glance, your tattoos definitely stand out. Which one is your favorite and what significance does it have to you?

Justin Coale: My favorite would have to be the one of my left chest. My middle name was named after my grandfather, JT. See, it doesn’t stand for anything at all. My full name is Justin JT Coale. I put the initials in the form of a cross to remember his passing and the font is Georgia because that is where he grew up.

Man Crush: What’s a misconception many seem to have about you?

Justin Coale: They think I am an a-hole or cocky when really I am just a guy who likes to joke around and laugh. At times I can be sarcastic but it is all in good fun.

Man Crush: What song gets you motivated and in the zone at the gym?

Justin Coale: My songs vary from the mood I am in. I mean, some days it is techno; others it may be Taylor Swift. I don’t know what it is about her but I think if I ever met her she would have a new love song the next day.

Man Crush: Let’s have a bit of a Zoolander moment. Give us a breakdown of your signature male model pose or facial expression.

Justin Coale: Since I have the tattoos every one likes the hard look. Eye brows together and just that “F U” attitude. My personal favorite pose is right arm up behind the head with my tattoo showing and the left hand grabbing underwear or pointing out to the left, creating a line making a gun with my hand. [laughs]

Man Crush: I know you have a girlfriend but don’t let that influence your response to this question! Which is better–flirting or foreplay?

Justin Coale: Actually, I don’t have a girlfriend anymore so I am available, ladies! [laughs] But I prefer flirting over foreplay.

Man Crush: Do you view modeling as a hobby or more of a career? A lot of guys get into modeling because they are good looking and know they have the look but don’t have a long-term goal in mind.

Justin Coale: I’m just here to have fun, create some magic and make some awesome photos. Wherever this takes me, it takes me. I am a man with many talents so I don’t need to bank on my face to get my earnings. That is where a lot of models mess up–they skip college and go straight for the dream.You see how well that works out.

Man Crush: Sometimes models, especially male ones, simply get defined by their looks and all other qualities get overlooked. In what ways have you been underestimated or undervalued?

Justin Coale: I am under estimated in way of what I am able to do. As much as I love doing body stuff I can do clothes too. I am not the tallest but the camera can always add a few inches. [winks]


Man Crush: Some models have a thing about not shooting nudes but your portfolio includes a lot of skin-baring photos. Do you ever fear those photos will hurt your image in the future?

Justin Coale: I did fear that but at the same time it is me in my most natural form.. This is who I am so you like it or you don’t. I mean, look at Channing Tatum. He has pictures of him stripping with an eyebrow ring and it is doing just fine!

Man Crush: It’s a reality that models all have to face at some point: age and not being in demand at some point. Where do you hope modeling will lead you? Do you have another career plan as a backup for your post-modeling days?

Justin Coale: Like I said before, modeling didn’t make me that much money. [laughs] I do have a degree but I am currently looking into acting, so that should be fun. I just like to live for the moment and the future can come when it gets here

Man Crush: Describe your ideal photo shoot: the location, the client, the setup, photographer.

Justin Coale: Ideal photo shoot, huh? Well, it would be on a beach with black sand and clear water with two sexy girls on each arm, all tattooed up! I think that will be my dream shoot. Maybe with like a white tiger in it too just to be like, “What the fuck?!” [laughs]

Justin Coale | Male ModelBody
Man Crush: One of my favorite things about you is of course your body. You have a lean frame but your pecs always seem pumped; a nice Apollo’s belt; abs. What goes into maintaining your physique?

Justin Coale: What goes into this is dieting and working out.. That is just a part of it but it’s mostly mental. Staying focused and saying to yourself if you missed abs today and it’s 12 at night and you have to work in 7 hours, you still have to do abs. This is what separates good from great!

Man Crush: I’d imagine you’d get cruised in the gym a lot. What’s your gym pet peeve?

Justin Coale: Hmm. My biggest pet peeve is when someone tried to do more weight than me because they are trying to be macho or a macho man with imporper form. I just don’t get why the gym has to be so tense. Guys just need to relax and realize that this isn’t a competition and we are all here for the same thing.

Man Crush: One question I ask every model is what’s your favorite body part to work out? Your least favorite?

Justin Coale: My favorite is shoulders, least favorite I would say is biceps. I’m a sissy when it comes to pushing through the burn for the guns. [laughs]

Man Crush: What’s the best fitness advice you’ve received or have learned so far in life that everyone should know and follow?

Justin Coale: Best fitness advice I ever learned was to WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. You cannot remember everything. So if you have a goal and want to reach it this is the best way to keep track.

Man Crush: Many may be inclined to say that your body is near perfect. But what about your body do you not like or feel needs improvement?

Justin Coale: My chest! It is smaller compared to everything else. I’ve been focusing on that lately. A man has to have proportions.

Justin Coale | Male Model

Man Crush: There’s really no hiding the fact that The Man Crush Blog caters to a mainly gay male audience. Your photos often appear on other sites with the same audience. You are, however, a straight male with a girlfriend. How does being in a profession so heavily supported by gay males make you feel as a heterosexual male?

Justin Coale: I want to thank you all for loving my work, that’s how it makes me feel. I don’t care if you’re black, blue, gay, straight or a Coyote.  The fact that someone is interested in my work and who I am amazes me. I mean sometimes people get out of line but for the most part they are all amazing.

Man Crush: You’re still young but you clearly have a vision and idea of where you’re going in life. Where do you hope to be ten years from now?

Justin Coale: Ten years from now I would love to be in a big time movie. I feel like I have what it takes now and am very confident in myself! To be on the big screen would mean the world to me. I just want to live a happy life. Whether it’s being a bum on a bench starring at the ocean or a business man with a family in Montana. I just want to make sure that every day is amazing.

Man Crush: You can’t do an interview with this blog without answering the question of whom do you have a man crush on?

Justin Coale: [laughs] Well, if you must ask I would say Ryan Goslin. He just has this thing about him. I love his acting and his style.

Man Crush: You get the final word! What parting words or message would you like to leave with the readers of the blog?

Justin Coale: I want to tell everyone to follow their dreams and listen to their heart. Don’t make decisions based on logic–make them based on what you like. If you like it, go for it and if you fail you really didn’t lose anything because the experience alone will be worth the reward. I have been though hell and back growing up. Not so much with money and poverty but just as in depression. I am finally starting to see life for what it is and it is beautiful!

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  1. Justin as I’ve said many times before. I think you are a talented bright beautiful unique individual and I have focused on you to be my tool to inspire my 14 yr old son who was diagnosed with Major Depression in november of 2012. Thank you for being you!!

  2. You truly are awesome Justin Coale .. you do amazing work and you truly do inspire everyone you are a beautiful person inside And out and always remain true to your self ;)))
    P.s you would make an amazing actor your personality rocks as I definitely would pay to see your movie ;))) <3 Ashly


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