2012 has been a big year for The Man Crush Blog with an increasing readership, more hot men than you can handle and an endless supply of eye candy. Any man featured on this blog is crush worthy and has what it takes to be a Man Crush of the Day but only one has what it takes to be crowned the Man Crush of the Year for 2012. Since I’ve chosen every man featured on this blog this year I’m leaving the vote in the hands of those who’ve made this blog successful-you the readers!

Here’s how it works: for the next two weeks you will have the chance to vote between 14 men, all of them having attracted a couple thousand views each over the course of 2012. You get one (1) vote each round. During the week of December 17, you will have your chance to vote for the winner of the two rounds, the winner that will be crowned the Man Crush of the Year for 2012. The winner of this competition will get a free, prominent banner ad for a year that will link to his website and constant promotion by The Man Crush Blog throughout 2013.

This week the seven crushes up for your vote are all male models. You have Benjamin Godfre (view post here) who, though originally featured in 2011 has managed to attract over 13,000 views to his featured post over the past year. He was also the runner-up to Richie Nuzzoelse in last year’s Man Crush of the Year Competition. Joining him this year is Russia’s “Naked” DJ Pavel Petel (view post here), Andrew Christian models Quinn Jaxon (view post here) and Colby Melvin (view post here), All-American Guys model Adam Ayash (view post here), and models Todd Sanfield (view post here) and Nick Ayler (view post here). Use the links beside their names to view their original crush features and cast your vote below.

Voting for round one ends Sunday, December 9 at 11:59pm EST.

UPDATE: Colby Melvin has won round 1 of Man Crush of the Year 2012! You’ll have a chance vote for his competition in the final round beginning Monday, December 10 at 8:30pm EST.

Man Crush of the Year 2012, Round 1

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  1. This is totally unfair. ben godfre practically beg his fans to vote for him and linked this vote to his web. Other (real) models don’t have fan club. He will use vote result for his porn promotion. Take his name off.

    • It’s not “totally” unfair as just about everyone on this list has a website of their own setup to promote themselves but also have Facebook fan pages, thousands of Twitter followers, Tumblr pages and various other social media outlets they use to connect with their fans. The ones that have the most votes are the ones that have, in some capacity, acknowledged this competition is taking place and have chosen to mention it on one or more of these social media sites. The ones with the least votes have not. Plain and simple – if anyone has enough interest in winning to acknowledge it on their site, Twitter, Facebook and ask their fan bases to vote for them then they shouldn’t be criticized over someone who obviously doesn’t care enough to even devote a 140 character tweet about it.

  2. Really! Those are the votes. LOL!

    They are all good looking men, I’m only familiar with 4 out of 7 of them, but I wondered why Nick Ayler had smallest amount of votes. Oh well, everyone’s entitled to who they like. Although they guy is quite charming, especially in a British uniform, like that photo I once saw of him.

  3. Several sexy guys on there. Colby has more of a boy next door look, but Quinn Jaxon blew me away the first time I saw him on the Youtube Romney song. What can I say, guys that can do a flip get me going.


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