EZ Bar ExercisesHave you ever used an EZ-bar? Do you even know what an EZ-bar? Today’s “jacked” post the focus is on the weird, zigged-zagged bar. First of all, what are the benefits of using the EZ-bar as to its standard counterpart, the barbell? EZ-bars are shorter and lighter than barbells. You can vary your hand positions and the muscles you’re working by gripping the bar at different angles. Many will use EZ-bars due to how easier it is on the wrist than a standard, straight barbell. Not only can the EZ-bar makes curls or bench presses more comfortable on the wrist but it can also be slightly easier on your elbows as you’re extending it to perform various moves. If you have a problem with maintaining your form as you do bicep curls with a barbell then try an EZ-bar; while you may not be able to curl or work with as much weight as you would were you using a barbell, the lighter load should allow you to maintain good form throughout the move, leading to fewer injuries.

You can use a combination of EZ-bar exercises and free weights to train your triceps and biceps. This is a workout you will want to perform toward the end of your training. You will be working smaller ancillary muscles and these should be worked out every other day.

Move 1: Dumbbell curl
In a seated position, curl a dumbbell to your shoulder. Hold for a few seconds and slowly lower the weight back down to starting position. Works your biceps. (10 reps, 4-5 sets)

Move 2: EZ-Bar Curl
Hold an EZ-bar loaded with weight and perform a curl by slowly raising the bar to your chest. Keep your elbows tucked in at your sides and keep your torso upright (don’t scoop or try to cheat during this move!). Using the EZ-bar will take the pressure normally experienced during a barbell curl off your wrists. Works your biceps. (8 reps, 4-5 sets)

Move 3: Laying EZ-bar Pullover
Lay perpendicular on a workout bench. With an overhanded grip, hold an EZ-bar loaded with weights overhead. Slowly lower the bar behind your head. The key to this move is control: never let the weight overpower you! Keep your abs/core tight and your hips raised. After lowering the weight, raise it once again above your chest. This is one rep. Works your triceps. (10 reps, 4-5 sets).

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