While his name may remind you of a G.I. Joe character, the only thing Joe Slaughter will be slaying is your heart as you try to keep yourself from swooning all over the place while checking him out. Joe is 6’2″ tall, 32 inch waist, 10.5 shoe size, light brown hair, blue eyes and head-to-toe sexy. Yes, sounds like a Tyra phrase but I don’t care, he is! He’s been photographed by everyone from Rick Day to Paul Reitz and always brings the hotness to each photo shoot. Just check out the gallery below to get a feel for how hot he is. You can follow him on Twitter @joeslaughter1.

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Joe Slaughter, Male Model

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  1. Joe Slaughter, so so, gorgeous! He has a most beautiful body I have seen in awhile. I’m hoping in seeing more of him in the future. I would love to see him do some awesome nudes. I know he is blessed in the right areas, I’m about my favorit part of the male body! Joe I wish continuing success in what you are great at doing. Letting people enjoying your beauty!! Your simply amazing!

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