I know! I know! Some will be moaning about me crushing on Tom Cruise pointing out his craziness, his Scientology addiction, his innate queerness but as Britney sang in “Criminal,” “I don’t even hear, I don’t care!” Yes, I’m crushing on Tom Cruise and the recent photo shoot he did with W magazine to promote his upcoming musical movie, Rock of Ages. In it, he plays rock star and bad boy Stacee Jaxx. And for a a guy his age, Tom Cruise has a pretty damn fit body and y’all know what tattoos do to me. So check out these pics from W magazine and check out the article on the magazine’s site. Photos by Mario Sorrenti.

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Tom Cruise | W Magazine | Rock of Ages

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  1. Tom IS built incredibly well for a guy his age…but maybe a little too well for an aging rock star he’s portraying. All in an attempt to get the females into the theatres?


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