Who’s up for a little role playing? You’ve been very naughty and now you’ve got to pay the price. Randy Blue’s Bryce Tucker’s on the beat and you’ve got to convince this bad cop to let you go free. Anyways, Bryce is one of Randy Blue’s top models and back in January the company released this cop-themed photo shoot with Bryce looking all kinds of hot. Of this model and shoot Randy Blue writes, “Bryce Tucker works out seven times a week and it gets him a body that looks like chiseled marble but with a nice surfer’s tan. All that big hard muscle is one thing but you gotta see the dick on this guy. Big, thick and meaty. And his ass, you just want to dive face first into it before you even think about fucking it. Over the past year he’s become a Randy Blue favorite. Check out this bonus set of photos featuring Bryce as Officer Hotstuff. If getting hot for him is a crime, let us be guilty.”

The images in today’s gallery are NSFW and intended for those 18 years or older.

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Bryce Tucker | Randy Blue | Gay Porn
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