Our friends at Timoteo sent photos from their latest creation for us all to crush on. CellBlock13 Los Angeles is designed and produced by Timoteo, a company whose motto is, “All full grown in LA. Where fashion and fetish lives.” Timoteo’s creative director Timoteo Ocampo was the photographer for this shoot. As you can tell from the photos below featuring model Jose Parra, this line definitely plays off the whole prison meets wrestling fantasy.

The line includes these selections: Gridiron in red mesh and red waistband; Grappler jock in black mesh with yellow waistband; Prize-fighter jock in black mesh with blue waistband; “The INMATE;” Singlet jock in Red with the red nylon/spandex hood.
CellBlock13 (@Cellblock13LA) Los Angeles will begin shipping at the end of March 2012. Check them out on Facebook for more information.  You can keep up with the latest news and offerings from Timoteo by following them on Twitter @TimoteoStudio and visiting its website www.timoteo.net.

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Jose Parra | CellBlock13 LA | Timoteo

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