Photographer Seth London has a knack for finding strikingly good looking men of color. Today’s spread of photos features Meko, a cute model from Tobago. Here’s a mini interview session and conversation between the photographer and model on this shoot.

Meko | Photographer Seth London

Seth London: What kind of modeling are you into?

Meko: Print, editorial and runway.

Seth London: What traits do you posses and how you describe your personality?

Meko: I’m charming and easy to work with.

Seth London: What makes you a good model?

Meko: My willingness to get the job done, no matter the situation.

Seth London: Where are you from?

Meko: Tobago

Seth London: What got you into modeling

Meko: Compliments from others

Seth London: During a shoot how do you adjust to the settings

Meko: Taking Deep breathes and focusing on the myself and the camera

Seth London: What are your goals as a model.

Meko: To wake a well-known name for myself.

Seth London: How open are you toward clients’ requirements and wishes?

Meko: I’m very open until it conflicts with respecting myself.

Seth London: What are your likes and dislikes about fashion?

Meko: I love that fashion is a sense of self expression. No dislikes.

Seth London: What was your likes and dislikes, if any, about the shoot and final images you received?


Check out the results of that shoot below. See more photos and work by Seth London at his website or follow him on Twitter @sethlondonnyc.

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