Man Crush of the Year, Round 2Last week the polls opened for readers of this blog to vote on the Man Crush of the Year. After choosing a man crush of the day throughout the year, I figured I could use some un-biased help in choosing one hot man above all the others to take the title of 2011’s Man Crush of the Year. So, it was rather tough but based on feedback, post views, comments and activity on The Man Crush Tumblr, I narrowed the field down to just 10 men for you all to choose from. These aren’t unreachable, untouchable celebrities that you’d never hear from but men who interact with their fans and are all aware of this blog and your votes. You had five choices last week to choose from and the winner from that round will be going head-to-head with the winner of round two for the Man Crush of the Year title. Your choices are below. Voting for round two ends Monday, December 12, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST. 

Daniel Garofali (February 2011) This hot Aussie has taken over the Internet, becoming perhaps the top male model this year. Daniel’s muscular build, hair, abs and great sensuality captured in photographs that has everyone crushing hard on him. Though he may seem God-like and unreal he proves he’s still a down-to-earth kinda guy by how much time he devotes to interacting, and thanking, his fans who post his pics online and help promote him. He recently started writing a column for DNA magazine detailing his adventures in New York City.  [View his original featured post here]

Richie Nuzzolese (June 2011) Richie’s been modeling for a while but he got us all hot and bothered when we saw his abs and shirtless torso in bed next to Katy Perry in the music video for her track “Last Friday Night.” Since then he’s become another in-demand male model and crush amongst all the boys (and girls). He even has his own fanbase known as “Nuzzleheads” who help to keep this muscular hunk of a man on our minds all year long. Will they band together to push him closer to being the Crush of the Year? [View his original featured post here]

Chris Nogiec (June 2011) He’s modeled underwear for Gregg Homme, been on the cover of Instinct magazine and yet he’s still a down-to-earth stud from Boston who’s working hard at getting his ph.D. It seems like Chris is always in his underwear to the delight of all of us fans. Many have returned to this blog since his original post hoping to catch a view of Chris naked, as if seeing him in nothing but underwear isn’t well enough. [View his original featured post here]

Eliad Cohen (August 2011) The hair, the muscle, the scruff–after seeing one pic of Eliad Cohen you’ll surely be hooked. This Tel Aviv hottie may seem slightly elusive but that doesn’t put a damper on his appeal at all. Don’t you just want to get wrapped up in those big arms of his and have him hold you closely to his furry chest?  [View his original featured post here]

Markus Ricci (September 2011) Markus is cute but let’s be honest–the muscles are what makes him so appealing.  He’s landed in the top ten most viewed posts a couple times since first appearing on the blog and seems to have a lot of people searching for him. Question is, is it enough to bring in the votes for Man Crush of the Year? [View his original featured post here]

Man Crush of the Year, Round 2[poll id=”3″]

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