Beetroot JuiceIn a new U.K. study, researchers found that you could increase and speed your performance with beetroot juice. Beets are high in potassium, choline and folate, all which can boost your workout performance. Choline also has benefits in aiding weight loss thanks to its fat burning properties, so if you want to consider Choline injections to aid in the weight loss process then this is also a possibility. But beetroot juice contains more than enough benefits to help with your fitness levels.

In the study researchers had cyclist take part in two different 4K time trials. Before one of the trials the cyclists drank whole beetroot juice and in the end the cyclists were recorded to have completed the trials in an average time of 48 seconds, 2.7% faster after drinking the beet juice.

Before working out, down a two-cup serving of beetroot juice, a proven workout booster due to its ample levels of nitrate.

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