Raspberries, 15 Snack Foods Under 100 CaloriesWhen it comes to getting fit guys often will flock to the gym and working out to solve their fitness issues, often times ignoring the other important component in getting fit and healthy–nutrition. You have to eat in order to get fit, that includes to lose weight or to put on muscle. Let’s face it–few of us are nutritionist and few of us have the money to pay someone to make out our daily eating plan.

You will often hear or read in fitness magazines that the key to getting fit is often not to deprive yourself of food but to eat and eat often. In some places you’re recommended to eat every three hours; in others you’re told to eat six times a day. What it all boils down to is that you should never be hungry. Think of your body like a car. What happens when you go too long without putting gas in the car? It stops working, things begin breaking, the car doesn’t work for you as it should. Your body is the same way. EAT. Eat often, but eat wisely. A meal doesn’t have to have three courses; it simply should keep you satisfied until your next meal. The key to staying fit is choosing the right foods and snacking all day. I know, it sounds so hard–being told to eat in order to meet your fitness goals. Here’s 15 snacks for you to choose from that can help you stay fit and crush worthy throughout the year.

1. Figs (dried (2), 42 calories)
2. Dill pickles (12 small, 53 calories)
3. Broccoli (1 cup, 55 calories)
4. Tuna (1/4 can, 55 calories. Be sure to get it in water rather than in oil to save on the calories)
5. Popcorn (air-popped, 2 cups, 62 calories)
6. Raspberries (1 cup, 64 calories)
7. Whole-grain bread (toasted, 1 slice, 69 calories)
8. Flaxseeds (2 TBSP, 75 calories)
9. Apple (1, 77 calories)
10. Bran Muffin (1, 80 calories)
11. Watermelon (1 wedge, 86 calories)
12. Cashews (10, 91 calories)
13. Cherries (19 raw, 98 calories)
14. Mangoes (1 cup, 99 calories)
15. Frozen yogurt (1/2 cup, fat-free, 100 calories)

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