Fabio Marques Coentrão | ModelI think you all will enjoy today’s featured crush, model Fábio Marques Coentrão. He’s from Portugal and is somewhat new to the scene. What stood out to me was definitely his overall look: he’s younger, fresh faced and the whole Portuguese heritage has definitely given him some attractive, distinctive features. I know, I know–many of you would probably classify him as a twink and enjoy the very manly, rugged types that I’m usually crushing on but Fabio is hot and I think you all will grant me this exception.

Fábio is represented by Glam Models (Portugal), Mandp (London), Mad (Spain), and Independent Men (Spain). An interview he did with Dsection magazine reveals more about his background and aspirations: He’d like to work with the big fashion labels including Armani, Dolce&Gabbanna, Burberry, Prada , Gucci; he mantains his body by playing sports, drinking plenty of water and moisturizing; enjoys how modeling enables him to travel the world and meet new people; names Rocky as one of his favorite movies and hip-hop as a favorite genre of music. Here are some shots taken by photographers including Ana Luisa Silva.

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