Muscle, pecs like boulders, abs like the Rocky Mountains–this not only describes the makeup of a perfect man but today’s featured crush, model Simon Howard.

This a guy that you’ve probably seen all over the Internet. Google abs, hot guys, muscle and likely Simon will end up plastered all over your screen. When he isn’t blowing up cameras with his dashing good looks he’s working out and training to maintain this awesome body of his. Simon’s based in London and he’s 31 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, 5’10” tall, size 10 show and just the total package when it comes to being crush-worthy. Seriously, it took me a couple days to make this post just because I kept dying in the middle of checking out all of his pics and trying to contain my, ahem, excitement shall we say.

For even more pics of Simon you can check out his ModelMayhem profile, “like” his page on Facebook or simply check out his website

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