Sure, it was back in 2009 when rugby player Brett Kelly appeared in what’s become my great obsession, Gods of Football, but that doesn’t keep my crushin’ from surging and growing for a guy like this. There’s really nothing more appealing than encountering a man who knows how to handle some balls and considering his rugby career, we know Brett is more than capable of playing the field like a pro. Brett played for Canberra Raiders and later for the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks. Unfortunately, he stepped out of the spotlight for a bit so the only thing we have to jack off … ahem, remember him by are the hot pics from his Gods of Football appearance in ’09.

Born in 1983 in Eden, New South Whales, Australia, Brett’s awesome body, ripped muscled, filled-out underwear and 6 foot height definitely caught the attention of many. Let’s hope he makes a return to the scene soon, if not for sports then at least doing more modeling (preferably in the buff).

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