Kayne Lawton rugbyIf I have not convinced you over the past few months that Gods of Football is simply heaven-sent then I really have not been doing my job as a gay blogger. Take today’s find and featured crush, Kayne Lawton, who was featured in this popular book featuring hot rugby players. He’s Australian and plays rugby for the Gold Coast Titans. Can we just have a moment of silence for his muscles and marvelous body? Mm. I know some of you may need a couple moments to “pay respects” so take your time.

In an interview he did with Gods of Football he was asked a few “getting to know you” questions. One of them was, “Sex or Football–what’s better?” to which he replied, “Sex.” He really does know the way into a guy’s heart, doesn’t he? He prefer stubble, he says getting naked in front of the camera was a bit nerve wrecking but that he’d do it again (let’s pray he does) and describes himself as “simple and fresh.”

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