Luke Grant rugby gods of footballIs there a support group for those addicted to hot rugby players? If so, send me a pamphlet because I am most definitely guilty of crushing on hot rugby hunks, especially the Australian ones. This week’s rugby crush is Luke Grant. As usual, I can’t tell you much about his sporting career and this isn’t ESPN so don’t expect to see a slew of stats or player highlights. What I can say is that Luke is one hot ass rugby player that could come fumble with my balls anytime.

Luke’s taken a cue from many hot athletes by transitioning into modeling. On his ModelMayhem profile he reveals very little. He’s located on the central coast of NSW Australia and says he keeps fit by playing sports. As for stats, he’s even more aloof, simply stating that he’s 6’0″ and 200 lbs. C’mon, can’t we get some other stats and figures like waist size, shoe size, penis length and girth? Oh well, we’ll have to settle for scant details and simply objectifying him and his pics for now.

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