Chest and Tricep WorkoutWhat does your chest workout look like? Is it all about the bench press or maybe it’s chest flys and dumbbell lifts. What moves do you to work your triceps? These are probably questions you’ve given little consideration to. That’s the purpose of this article, inspired by a feature in the April 2011 edition of Men’s Fitness by trainer Nick Tumminello, C.S.C.S.

The only piece of equipment you will need for this workout is a medicine ball or a small step/slightly raised platform. By using the medicine ball (from somewhere like you will offset your balance slightly, working more muscle than by doing just a regular pushup. Some of the moves also require explosive power, another challenging move that will have you seeing gains in strength and mass in a quicker, and shorter, time period.

1) Lock Off: Get into push-up position and place one hand on either a medicine ball or a small box. Lower your body until your chest is just above the floor; push back up and reach up with your opposite hand and touch your chest.

2) Drop ‘n’ Pop: Get in position as if you’re about to perform a close-grip pushup, placing both hands on the side of a medicine ball. Drop, placing both hands on the floor to the sides of the medicine ball and lower your chest until it touches the ball. Explosively push yourself back up so that your hands leave the floor and are in the air briefly. Carefully place your hands back on the ball as you descend back toward the floor.

3) Close-grip Medicine Ball Pushup: Place both hands on the medicine ball, performing a regular pushup. To activate and work more muscle, squeeze your chest and arm muscles hard as you perform this move.

4) Crossover pushup using a Medicine Ball: Place one hand on a medicine ball with your other hand on the floor. Do a pushup with one hand on the ball; quickly switch hands and do a rep on the opposite side.

Turn these 4 moves into a workout: Want to create the ultimate chest and tricep workout? Combine all these moves together and do them back-to-back as quickly as you can. You might also want to consider looking into other extreme workouts like other ultimate bicep and tricep workout regimes that could greatly increase your strength as well as your bodily aesthetics, but don’t forget to focus on other muscle groups too! To really get you going and push your limits, eliminate rest periods, and aim for at least five reps for each move. The idea is to create a circuit where you’re doing three, if not all four, of these moves for a total of 3 circuits over 10 minutes. Do this workout once a week, adding one rep to each move each week. After 6 weeks you should be doing 10 reps per move.

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