Harry Louis | Gay Porn

Yes, another Brazilian-bred crush this week! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are non-American gay porn enterainers. One of my favorite porn personalities from outside the U.S. is definitely Harry Louis. I’m a sucker (no queer pun intended) for the dark hair, the slight build, the muscle and uh, other unmentionable features and attributes that Harry has.

Harry is from Brazil but lives in London. He’s been a part of gay porn films produced by UK Naked Men, Men at Play, Lucas Entertainment and Kristin Bjorn. Like many men in this industry, when he isn’t playing out a fantasy on the screen he’s modeling and appearing in magazines and other publications in print form. You can follow Harry on Twitter @Harry_Louis or check out his website www.officialharrylouis.com. As with all the fluffer features, tip-toe over to the Tumblr page throughout the day for tons of NSFW, revealing pics of Harry Louis in all his magnificent glory.

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Harry Louis | Gay Porn

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