Chris PowellSo, we all know that spin-offs rarely hold a flame to the original they’re trying so hard to mimic. Last night was the debut of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. I mean, really. I’m about to OD on reality shows and shows about makeovers and those tapping into America’s obesity problem. Try as ABC might, this just feels like a blatant attempt to tap into the weight-loss juggernaut The Biggest Loser. Even in the promos it looks a lot like the NBC show equipped with a jab “When you’re bigger than the biggest person on the Biggest Loser …” and scenes of a super fit, hot trainer pushing overweight people to get fit and slim.

That being said, while I don’t think I can sit through that show much at all I can sit and watch the show’s lead trainer, Chris Powell, for days and days. This is one gorgeous, hunky, muscle man and I work up a sweat just staring at him flex his muscles. He has a degree in Exercise Science and helped someone lose 401 pounds in just 26 months.

You can follow him on Twitter @RealCrhisPowell and become a fan of his on Facebook. Below are a few photos of him. but I’m betting after a few episodes we’ll have more than enough shirtless scenes and pics of him to keep us all entertained.

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  1. I just watched the tv show with Chris Powell, the personal trainer who changed that young man Alex’s life helping him lose all his weight it was an amazing show. My name is Alan Ford in my 20 I was fit and lived in the gym. At 30 I was in an accident and starting gaining weight. At 35 I married and we had a child. Six years into the marriage everything fell apart. I lost my marriage, business and fell into a major depression. I used to wear medium tee shirts and 30 30 pants. I wear triple x shirts now. I have tried many times to get back to the old me but end up eating and sleeping most days. I was homeless for the past three years. I have let my son now 16 down. My brother gave me a room to live in just last week. I want me back but can’t afford programs like yours. I wanted to find out how I can get am interview for the show. I’m 52, 5’6″ and 270lbs. Please help me! Thank you Alan Ford

  2. Well am 37 year old women,been marry for almost 20 years.I have three children, now that am over weight I get sick more often,right now I weight 240…I really don’t know how to lose weight.I want to live a little longer for my race is Mexican.please help me with any advise.

  3. Chris Powell is an amazing man. I have watched the last 2 episodes of Extreme and I am blown away by this man. He is kind and sincere and he really cares about the people he is helping. His heart is the size of Montana and it shows. This guy is just incredible…what a man. And that’s just his personal qualities. He’s also an incredible trainer and has an awesome physique himself. He is just one incredible guy! What a great show!! Thanks Chris…you are the best!! Love you man!!

  4. Chris I have been watching your since the beginning.You motivate me to want to do better but I have alot of health issues. I am 55 yrs old, divorced and living with my parents. I have weighed 400 lbs. or more but 400 was the highest the scales would go.for the past 3 years I have been confined to the bed being waited on by my 73 year old mother. I do diets and have gotten as low as 319. I need more to get off medications and to be able to do for myself. I have always had low self esteem of myself and that is one of the things I am impressed by you. Chris I can only hope and pray you might choose to spend a year with me one day. I was scheduled to have the lap band surgery this past March but I got MRSA and my mother and sister were dead against it. My mother said she did not want to bury another child. Chris I hope you can help me.

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