Bench PressFor a moment, let’s take a little time to talk about one of the ultimate gym moves–the bench press. It doesn’t matter what your orientation is, the bench press tends to be the ultimate guy move. Men often get caught up in how much they (or others) can bench and lift and forget why this move is beneficial in the first place. Let’s recall the benefits of the bench press before discussing how to improve it:

1. Increases your body’s production of testosterone. Don’t you get the feeling that benching a ton of weight makes you manly and macho? Actually, you’re not all wrong considering that by lifting you’re actually increasing your body’s supply of that manly hormone known as testosterone. Benching a weight that’s 90% of your one-rep max for a low-rep set naturally increases your body’s supply of testosterone. High levels of testosterone can lead to better health for men including lowering the risk of heart attacks and lowering blood pressure. They can also lead to better sexual performance but if you’re struggling with that, you should consider some Semenax pills I hear they improve your volume of semen on ejaculation.

There are plenty of reasons why your testosterone could be low. Injury or infection of the testes, alcohol abuse, medications like steroids, uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea could be some of the reasons. Therefore, keeping good health is essential for maintaining healthy testosterone levels. That being said, there may be natural ways to slow the decline. Cannabidiol may be able to help as many studies show that CBD may support testosterone growth. Moreover, cannabidiol is able to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (which is made up of receptors CB1 and CB2) located throughout the brain and body. Therefore, cannabidiol can influence CB1 and CB2 in a way that triggers various responses throughout the body. Additionally, some researches reveal that cannabidiol may be effective at reducing inflammatory cytokines in the body via the CB2 receptor. In other words, CBD may block inflammation. Also, cortisol can add to low testosterone. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and some clinical evidence suggests that CBD can lower stress and anxiety, thus helping you to keep your cortisol production at a healthy level.

2. Builds chest, shoulders, and triceps. It’s probably the main reason why anyone would do this move. Do you want a bigger, more defined chest? Then adding the bench press to your regimen is essential. Guys who want to pack on the muscle can look no further than the bench press to help build, define and tone their bodies.

3. Improves wrist bone density. Gay jokes aside, the wrist is one of the weakest areas on your body and is prone to injuries like bad breaks and fractures. Often overlooked but the bench press places a lot of weight on your wrist and overtime, actually strengthens your wrist like few other exercises can. If you’re an athlete or are prone to falling like the little old lady on television, do the bench press and you could potentially save yourself a bad break and trip to the E.R.

Now that you’ve gotten the gist of the importance of the bench press, let’s talk about technique. In a recent issue of Muscle & Fitness Brian Carroll outlined four steps you should take while doing a bench press. His tips primarily focus on your grip because how you grip the bar and how you contract your muscles as you bench can make a world of difference. Don’t forget to have the right nutrition behind you. SAS Nutrition can help educate you on the topic but I digress. You could do it without any technique and you’re just pushing weight without having a real workout. Bench like a pro with these tips and you’ll not only increase your strength over time but you’ll be able to brag that you bench more weight than the guy with no proper technique and you’ll have the muscle to prove it.

1. It’s about how to grab it. Your grip is important before you even take the bar off the rack or start pressing. You want to hold on tightly to the bar from the start, before you even move it. This will help keep your upper body tight, activating more muscle.

2. Focus on your thumbs. Wrap your thumbs around the bar. Some guys may argue that gripping the bar without using your thumbs is better and will lead to more muscle gains – they’re wrong. You need a firm grip on the bar and how are you going to do that when more energy and focus will be put on keeping your thumbs out and away from the bar? Let’s not forget to mention that a thumb-less grip could prove dangerous since you could likely drop the bar and injure yourself. Don’t be a show-off; grip tightly using all of your fingers.

3. Pretend you’re Superman. You need to activate more muscle as you bench and an easy way to do this is to try to bend the bar as if you’re going to break it in half as you take it off the rack and actually start to bench. This will likely cause you to not only increase your grip on the bar but you’ll activate muscles throughout your upper body that you’d normally forget about.

4. Squeeze, push. When the bar is lowered onto your chest, this is where the magic should happen. Squeeze the bar as tightly as you can and then explosively push it over your chest. Remember that “Superman” move from the previous tip and try your best to bend the bar as you push upward to activate and workout as many muscles as you can.

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