Ryan Phillippe

Many of you have been requesting this crush be featured and I’m finally delivering. It’s easy to see why actor Ryan Phillippe is a favorite amongst you horny lads (and gals): the youthful, boyish charm he has about him; the pouty lips that always seem to scream “kiss me!” or maybe it’s the rocking, hot body he sports. Whatever the reason, Ryan Phillippe, despite not having much success in the realm of women, relationships or big movie stardom, is a guy that manages to get us all a little hot and bothered under the collar.

Resse Witherspoon may have thrown in the towel on Ryan but all of his crushing fans haven’t. We still grow a little weak thinking about his breakout role in the cult classic Cruel Intentions and fondly remember him for his roles in I Know What You Did Last Summer, Studio 54 and Crash. We’ll choose to ignore and overlook his role in the unnecessary film version of SNL’s MacGruber in 2010. Enjoy a slew of hot Ryan Phillippe pics below to help your Tuesday go by a little easier.

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