relationship with foodDo you know what I noticed about food prep and our health? It seems like eating has become so complicated and the more complex and complicated preparing food has become, the more of an issue people have with their weight and health. Instead of actually preparing meals we’re more prone to eat out or look for quick meals in the form of frozen foods packed with sauces and loaded with salt and other chemicals. Have you taken a look around lately? Noticed that it seems more common to see the hefty, out of shape, unfit people than it is to see the fit? It’s a situation we all should be concerned about because the main issue isn’t so much a lack of exercise than it is what we’re putting into our bodies. Yes, food is the problem and our relationship with food is what’s keeping many from being healthy and fit.

You see, it boils down to this simple statement: You are what you eat.

Your relationship with food needs to change. People put about as much effort and care into their nutrition and food selections as they do with choosing who to get romantically involved with or figuring out who is truly a friend or not. A simple change can make a huge difference. Sure, exercise and staying active is necessary but all is moot if what you’re fueling your body with is complete junk.

Think about how complicated we’ve made things today in terms of staying fit: exercising is suddenly all about going to the gym and using machines that require a tutorial course or you run the risk of bodily harm; the “food” we buy in stores is full of complex and complicated chemicals that are hard to pronounce; we think in order to have ripped abs and lean bodies that it’s going to take hours of exercise each day. Think to the past. Think back to the days before technology, before the Internet, before all of these health gurus and products promising you results in 60 days or less – back in the day, people worked with a lot less than what we have today yet they were fit! They were skinnier! What changed?

Food changed. How we prepare food changed. When you go to cook a vegetable, ask yourself if it really needs to be cooked. I’m not advocating a “raw” diet per se (though eating fresh, clean vegetables raw will of course have more nutrients and less fat) but what I am advocating is that we stop complicating food. Vegetables are good for you. Frying them and stripping them of everything that makes them healthy isn’t good for you. Covering them with white flour or manufactured seasonings and heavy sauces that are packed with chemicals you can’t pronounce aren’t that good for you either.

If you want to lose weight, make food and preparing food as simple as possible. First, you should be eating natural and whole food and produce. Fresh vegetables or dry beans will always carry more of a nutritional punch than what’s found on the inner aisles at the grocery store. Next, stop feeling that you need to fry everything. There are other cooking alternatives that will give your vegetables different flavors and tastes that you should try. I prefer grilling – with an indoor grill, you can grill indoors all year-round. That slightly charred taste will definitely bring out the flavor in most vegetables and you can grill just about anything – corn, okra, beans and even fruit! Other cooking methods to consider: broiling and baking and of course simply raw veggies.

Losing weight or keeping the weight you’ve lost off isn’t really as difficult as you think. You need to change what you’re eating if you want to change your body. It’s really that simple. You can’t expect to drop tons of weight if you’re still consuming tons of fatty oils and fats from your food.

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    • Thanks! I was probably thinking more in general terms of how most people perceive out of shape or “unfit” people. I think most people have a desire to be fit or skinny but just don’t have a real good idea or the resources to tell them how to get to that point.


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