Supplements Supplements. Just the mentioning of supplements probably conjures up pictures of muscled men chugging down glass-fulls of special powders, magical pills that will produced rippled abs in days, a daily cocktail of pills and powders that you really have no idea what they do or what’s in them but you know you need them to get fit. Or do you?

People who’ve come to this blog have commented on how they like the information presented and that it’s all clear and stripped down. There has also been comments on how there’s a lack of information on supplements. Yes, we’re in an age where getting “jacked” and fit is somehow synonymous with what pills and powders you need in order to get the perfectly sculpted body. So, let me start off by saying the following spill on supplements is MY opinion so read and take it as you wish but, as Britney would say, don’t hold it against me. Do you need supplements? No. Why do you take them? It’s more about clever marketing than it is about real results.

I approach supplements like anything else – it all starts off with the question of “why?” Why do you need to take a supplement? People seem to have forgotten that when it comes to supplements, you would take them not because you need them but because your regular diet is deficient in certain areas. Supplements have turned into a crutch for many. Instead of eating a diet full of whole foods and ditching the unnecessary, fat and flab producing processed bad foods, people think that by taking “supplements” you can work out, eat bad foods and you’ll get this awesomely skinny, toned, muscular body. It doesn’t work like that. Sure, studies and research have proven that certain supplements such as whey protein or casein are good for you. I don’t dispute that as I keep whey protein around. It’s when we get into these crazy powders, pills and drinks that are pushed on us and that we’re told we absolutely MUST take or no amount or exercise or cardio will do us any good that irk me.

Instead of taking supplements, I think we should instead go back to looking for the essentials and what’s missing in our diet. Do you eat a lot of vegetables? Is your diet very brown or processed? Then you need to supplement it with some natural, healthy alternatives. Here’s what I’d recommend everyone look into adding to their daily supplements:

A good multivitamin: Yes, the first thing on my list of supplements is actually the classic multivitamin. These are the powerhouse of health and nutrition since they contain a certain percentage of your recommended daily value needs of vitamins and other crucial needs. When I say a “good” multivitamin I mean getting the most out of this little pill. The multivitamin you choose should cover high percentages of the main vitamins; it should contain your B vitamins; have some calcium; added things like Gingko Biloba, echinacea, Zinc, copper and Lycopene will give you more bang for your buck. Sites like Alpha Wolf Nutrition can help guide you towards the best product for your money.

Also, consider looking for a liquid form of a multivitamin. Why? Because you’ll absorb it quicker and it’ll go farther for you. The problem with many pills is that you can never be sure if it’s dissolving as it should be and if you’re getting all of its contents or if you’re pooping the pills and vitamins out. Also, how “whole” is your multivitamin? Is it plant based or is it as processed as a slab of meat? You probably have never asked this question but it’s something to consider. There are “vegan” supplements and then there are other supplements. That should alarm you. What sort of animal product or meats are involved in the making of your multivitamin? Really, it shouldn’t be any in my opinion. I personally like Bluebonnet’s Liquid Super Earth Multinutrient Formula. I purchase it at Whole Foods and it’s a whole food based multivitamin & multimineral with Vidamin D3, Goji, Acai extracts and a slew of other vitamins, minerals and nutrients all blended together in a liquid you can take like a shot of tequila! This honestly takes care of most of my supplemental needs each day. I know, seems really simple and uncomplicated but that’s what supplement-taking should be.

Calcium. Ok, how many people reading this are lactose intolerant? How many are vegans? How many simply find drinking a thick white liquid … and we’re talking about milk you perverts, is just nasty? you probably fall into one of these groups which means you aren’t getting all the calcium you need. Do I need to list all of the benefits of calcium? No, because you know what you’ve been told in school and are well aware that for strong bones and good teeth, you need your calcium. The lie you’ve been told is that the only source of calcium in the world comes from cows. Aaank, wrong. There are dozens of plants and nuts (again, nuts like almonds and not like the ones in your undies. Perverts!) that will give you some calcium. Problem is that you still won’t get enough, more than likely. This is when a supplement is actually good for you. If you’re trying to build muscle, calcium is crucial for you. Oh, you probably haven’t heard that one, have you? No one is telling you to chug calcium but they’re probably telling you that you need that big tub of special powder that costs 30 or more dollars.

Gingko Bilboa and St. Johns Wort: Are you having a hard time concentrating? Dealing with depression? You likely fall into one of these groups and may be one of the many people being prescribed anti-depressants or a pill help you focus. Guess what. Those pills that help one situation are likely causing weight gain and other adverse side effects. Do you know what you need to do? Consider natural alternatives and try what many believe to be the best CBD oil UK to address your mental health concerns. CBD is a cannabinoid of cannabis , and so perhaps you’d like to try marijuana itself instead of just CBD. This is completely up to you and should be your decision, but make sure you do your research first. It might help to visit sites like to learn more about marijuana and the types of things you need. Again, I’m no doctor, but I’ve dealt with depression. I did the pills – they didn’t work for me. Exercise and taking St. Johns Wort keeps my depression in check. Gingko Bilboa helps keeps my mind focused and whenever I take it I feel mentally healthier and am able to tackle work without having my mind wander. These may not work for you but I tried them and have added them to my list of supplements worth taking.

Green Tea: Whether it be in pill form or the better liquid tea bag British manner, green tea is a supplement and dietary food you should be having every day. People complain about its taste but does whey protein or casein taste good? Not in my opinion, so the fact that this doesn’t either shouldn’t sway you from not taking it. Green tea, in my opinion, is best taken straight up meaning not saturated with sugar or honey to make it super sweet. Take it and drink it plain and drink 1-2 cups each day. Green tea, unlike all of these expensive powders and pills you’ll find in GNC or other supplement stores, will actually help boost your metabolism, help you lose weight and give you a dose of antioxidants that will make you look younger and feel energized. Drink the caffeinated version of green tea – decaf versions have proven not to give you the same benefits.

CoQ10 and L-Carnitine: For those who lift weights, do cardio and exercise – and hopefully that’s everyone who’s reading this and is interested in staying fit and healthy – you should consider taking these two supplements. They are a little pricey compared to the others I’ve recommended but both will give you the necessary boost of energy you need to get through your workout and exceed your usual standards. If you’re feeling sluggish and tired, CoQ10 will help. Our bodies naturally makes this but the older we get, the less of it that gets produced. This is, again, where a supplement can actually help you because you’ll simply be adding to your body’s natural stock of it. L-Carnitine helps with fat metabolism, heart health and helps keep your body’s supplied with the energy needed to last through a tough workout.

Vitamins C and D: These two vitamins are often considered the binding forces that will help you build muscle. Look back over muscle building in the past. Did they have these fancy tubs of powders or billions of pills? No. Guys built muscle simply be exercising and eating right. Vitamin C is needed for weight loss and to boost your immunity. You’ve probably been duped into thinking the only place to get it from is orange juice. Again, like calcium with milk, not the case. Vitamin C can be found in a variety of vegetables and fruits and taking it in a pill form wont hurt you. Vitamin D is another of those essential vitamins. The best “supplement” form of vitamin D you can get is actually from natural sunshine. Just 3o minutes of direct sunshine on your skin will fulfill your needs. You can basically get that by running outside, running or just getting a little sunshine period. Beware – 30 minutes should be your limit. Beyond that, wear sunscreen, spf 30 or higher.

The big “BUT …” All of this being said, don’t rely solely on supplements to take care of your health and dietary needs. We’ve become lazy as a society and are in constant search of the quick fix. Supplements aren’t magic. Most supplements are only popular because of clever marketing. Flip through a fitness magazine and you’ll see dozens of “before” and “after” shots showing someone go from looking like a mess to looking screwable in no time. And let’s be honest – do you really check out the ingredients or do your research on some of these so-called powerhouse supplements or are you going off the usual muscle, fit model hawking the product? If you’re taking different medications, you shouldn’t start taking a supplement without talking to your doctor. If you’re interested in taking a supplement, you should do your research and choose wisely. There are a load that you could pick from if this is something that you are interested in. For example, you could check out a website like However, you have to find one that works for you. You might find that you can do it all by yourself though. So just make sure you do your research and choose wisely first.

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